In 2016, Pinay Powerhouse founders Christine Start , Mari Bandoma CalladoLorna Garcia De GuzmanVanessa Candelaria and Jennifer Sta. Ana envisioned a women’s conference focused on empowering Filipina attorneys and aspiring attorneys as leaders in the law.  With the support of the women of the Filipino Bar Association of Northern California (FBANC), Laurie Rose Lubiano, Katrina Romero, Jeanne Grove, Vanessa Leonardo, Angelica Leonardo and Carmelita Miller, the founders’ vision came to fruition in 2017.  Over 100 Filipina judges, attorneys, and aspiring attorneys attended the Inaugural Pinay Powerhouse Conference 2017 hosted by the Filipino Bar Association of Northern California in San Francisco, California.

Following the success of the inaugural conference, the Philippine American Bar Association (PABA), together with FBANC and other Filipino bar associations in the United States, hosted the second installment of Pinay Powerhouse in Los Angeles, California.  Approximately 150 Filipina lawyers and law students from across the country attended the event, which offered opportunities to learn about current legal issues, network, and celebrate achievements of Filipina legal professionals—including the history-making confirmation of federal judge Lorna Schofield.  Balitang America covered the Pinay Powerhouse 2 conference.